Human Rights Defense will, quite possibly, always be an unfinished struggle. Especially relevant in troubled times, its promotion must be pictured as an unbreakable commitment of the modern men and women and of the societies we aspire to build. Culture will always be its main weapon, as an essential tool to the creation of dialogues and bridges that can connect us to others. Also, it will always be a process of imagination and ambition for a US as diverse as humanity, as collective as nature. If no Man is (or should be) an isolated island, how can individuals and communities preserve their identity in a peaceful, constructive and enriching relationship with their surroundings? How can we make diversity our collective strength and not its opposite? How can each man and woman be able to leave their “islands” and connect with each other, without ceasing to be who they are? How can we, today, imagine and act upon the construction of a collective future where everyone truly has a place?
It is in response to these questions that NOMA AZORES - International Human Rights Film Festival emerges. A space where cinema serves as a meeting point for awareness, knowledge and action. NOMA AZORES is organized by the City Council of Ponta Delgada and produced by Associação Cultural - Silêncio Sonoro.

Festival Structure

NOMA AZORES will run over five days, with a program that will include recent portuguese and international feature films, as well as special programs for short films. The official selection will seek to give voice to the most relevant and up-to-date issues within the general theme of the event, addressing topics such as climate change, migration, discrimination, sexual and reproductive rights, poverty, among others.
The full program will also include masterclasses that reflect upon the issues promoted by the festival and that can also allow the circulation of technical and scientific knowledge related to cinema within the Azores Archipelago.
NOMA AZORES 2021 has launched an open Call for entries until the 31st of May, through which applicants can propose feature films to be screened in its competitions.

Otra Condena, by Juan Manuel Repett


Visões do Império, by Joana Pontes 


Ophir, by Olivier Pollet

Non competitive program

Closed (31.05.21). 


- How and where can I to book and collect tickets for the cinema sessions
Tickets can be collected at the Teatro Micaelense tickets office.

- Do I need to make reservations for the conversations?
Yes, as the capacity is limited to 30 pax per session. Reservations can be done through NOMA’s website from 19th July,

- How is the public award decided? 
You will receive a card at the entrance to the session to cast your vote. At the end of the session, on the way out, votes should be placed at a urn located in Teatro Micaelense. 

- When are the winners announced?
The winners will be announced on Saturday, the 31st, at the closing ceremony at 9 pm, before the short film session.

- I'm a journalist and I want to cover the festival. How can I do it?
Journalists should contact the communication team. Proposals should be sent via email to press@nomazores.com